Big Sur

Big sur just got a whole lot better as I have sorted out a 3 day walk up to some hot springs. Jacob is already building up resentment but it really is the only way we can get him to wash.

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Make an A’merican Camper Van

Get a 50 seater coach, strip her out and then put in a sofa, cable t.v. oh don’t forget the extra t.v. outside so you can sit outside and not miss the programmes you might miss by sitting outside your van. Then get a kitchen that Nigella Lawson would be proud of, a bathroom with space to swing several cats and maybe a dog too, top it off with a bedroom with another t.v., lounge area and well I may have forgotten some stuff. Have we got R.V. envy? Oh yes.

Just found out that you can have the floor tiled – terracotta an option, for that cool floor feel. The guy who was showing us around said that this might be a step too far.

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Goodbye Yasawa Islands

We had this sung to us tomight, a goodbye song from the Yasawa islands, a place we have felt welcome in. It had Angela in floods and I think some smoke must have got into my eyes too. Even Jacob was more sullen than usual, maybe he was just being extra sullen. Hope you like it – the call and response got me.

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Hole Digging

Spent the day digging holes in the sand. Sounds great but none of my family were very impressed as I was meant to be finding a hot spring in the sand. We were at hot water beach. After I had dug down a spade depth and only had warm (ish) sand with decidedly cool water the helpers drifted off and made friends with people who had a pool with hot hot water – traitors. I had my sandwiches in my own hole by myself, and enjoyed the warm (ish) water over my feet by myself. – full story on the Coromandel page.

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Clara Vale Spring

After a hard winter in the UK I now read that Britain is having a great spring. I can almost smell the bees working the trees. Missing it quite a bit. It is very much autumn here, trees orange and brown but we are so far north the temperature is still mild not a frost in sight. Maybe a walk along a coastal path will open my eyes to the beauty around me here. Some people are never happy.

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River Running

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Louise’s first video

Louise made this from stuff that we took on mardi gras night.

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We’ve been warned!

The guns will be sounding tonight as New Zealanders celebrate the arrival of Easter. Yup they take greeting the Easter Bunny very seriously. There is a $1000 cash prize for the team that bags the most Easter Bunnies. Last year a whopping 40,000 non-native critters were taken out of circulation, good for the very delicate eco system.  Now for some of those possums.

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Wandering around Mt. Aspiring.

Wow my skin has started to peel. No not from an overdose of sun but from the liberal application of powerful DEET products. It is like a chemical peel, I wonder if it will make me look younger. The sand-flies here make Northumberland midgies look like vegetarians!

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Having one of those off moments, when you begin to wonder if the 5 months of camping planned really is the best way to spend your time. I think a bit of a break from doing stuff and a stop at one place would do us well. Of course the trouble is there is a lot of stuff to see around these parts and I would dearly like to get in another tramp before heading north, which doesn’t make for stopping still. Maybe it is just the deeply depressing fact of England’s 6 nations defeat to Wales; watched to great applause in a very non-partisan house. I sat in quite stony silence.

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