Does a bear ……?

We were unable to find a space at the Grand Canyon camp site, so went back a couple of miles and wild camp in the woods. 8000 ft up it was a bit chilly but since we squeezed into the tent with lots of extra blankets everything was fine except Angela was convinced there was a mountain lion outside – we survived to morning. The following morning I was quietly sat some distance from camp when into the clearing strolled a mule dear. It was no more than 4 metres from me and only startled when the kids began to interact. Sort of set my day up in a way that a cycling magazine fails to do.

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2 thoughts on “Does a bear ……?

  1. renski

    hey fantastic adventures continue…wild deer …we are enjoying the sounds of the foxes here and the dawn chorus with the slight background siren noises and traffic ha ah London continues in its mad way
    ren x

    • We were awoken by the worse bird song ever. It was just the one note over and over again, it was like it could not be bothered to learn anything else. Makes me want to take up hunting.

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