Fraud detected!!!!

Here we are on the outskirts of Yosemite and we bump into people from Hexham, small world and all that. They were proper hard hard hard core. They had hiked into the back country for 9 miles and then kayaked back down the river for a couple of days – a 3 day trip. What is so hard about that? They had to carry their own boats in, holy cow, I moan about carrying a boat between 2 of us down the 200m to the river, 9 miles! Phew.

So I show them the river running video, not only do they know the falls but also identify the kayakers as kiwis from the way that they hold their paddles. Their did not think the fall was that high either. They informed me that I would have fallen out at the first squirl, fair point. Oh well I still thought it looked cool.

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