Clara Vale Spring

After a hard winter in the UK I now read that Britain is having a great spring. I can almost smell the bees working the trees. Missing it quite a bit. It is very much autumn here, trees orange and brown but we are so far north the temperature is still mild not a frost in sight. Maybe a walk along a coastal path will open my eyes to the beauty around me here. Some people are never happy.

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2 thoughts on “Clara Vale Spring

  1. Jane McFadyen

    We are missing you too John. Hope you’re not being seduced by those far off places. East, West, Clara (and Newburn’s) best.
    Bees aren’t doing much at the moment, though spring is definitely here – at last. Our school garden looks great, parents group has done loads. We have new planters. The pond is full of frog spawn. Having a new heating system put in at school – and a new roof.

    Sounds as though you’re all having a great time. Take care.

    Love Jane and all at school

  2. isla roberts

    Just a quick note.Card received this week with interesting bird print, very nice, thankyou.
    Clara is still here after prolonged hibernation period.Bulbs are opening, birds are a tweeting and residents are trying to remember where they left gardening tools/running gear or inner tubes for Spring activities.
    I’ve put a coupla llamas on your back lawn to keep the grass down and to make re-adjustment from world travelling easier to bear.

    Enjoy Fiji………..we’ve been to Roker today……

    Life is full of contrasts!

    Enjoy the journey,

    Jo,Rich,Will and IslaXXXX

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