Wandering around Mt. Aspiring.

Wow my skin has started to peel. No not from an overdose of sun but from the liberal application of powerful DEET products. It is like a chemical peel, I wonder if it will make me look younger. The sand-flies here make Northumberland midgies look like vegetarians!

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2 thoughts on “Wandering around Mt. Aspiring.

  1. Sounds delightful. Cannot beat a good chemical peal to take years, a nose and half an ear off you.

    My favorite sand flies are from the Amazon in Bolivia. They savaged Jose’s back from neck to bottom in 30 seconds. 250 bites from taking off his shirt to walking into the water. Th Nz variety must be some beasts.

    How are you all doing? Who has been savaged and who is writing? The Blog is author agnostic.

  2. Jacob read an information leaflet about how the road builders of the 30’s would hold competitions as to who could get the most bites. He now insists on wearing just a T-shirt! Mind he is being quickly followed by his mum armed with the citronella spray. I would like to see how many he could manage – the record stands at 63, there was not much to do in the down times of road building. These critters draw blood in the manner of a leech.

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