Having one of those off moments, when you begin to wonder if the 5 months of camping planned really is the best way to spend your time. I think a bit of a break from doing stuff and a stop at one place would do us well. Of course the trouble is there is a lot of stuff to see around these parts and I would dearly like to get in another tramp before heading north, which doesn’t make for stopping still. Maybe it is just the deeply depressing fact of England’s 6 nations defeat to Wales; watched to great applause in a very non-partisan house. I sat in quite stony silence.

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2 thoughts on “18/03/13

  1. Joanne Hogarth

    Hi John, the six nations defeat was even worse watching it at the stadium!! My mother is half Welsh (she is called Dilys) so technically I am a quarter Welsh, but that didn’t help the defeat in any way. It was very depressing especially as we got our seats through a Welsh contact!! Also getting beat by Sunderland yesterday has helped the mood in our house no end! Take Care Joanne

    • Hope the snow has finally cleared. We are on our way north, going to look at a volcano and pretend I am doing geography. Any pretence of keeping up schooling with the kids is just a glimmer of very distant light in the thoughts of their parents.

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