Library in Loas

So the lap-top died. We have just padded for 3 days down a tributary of the Mekong. oa is a country that I know we have not given enough time too. The key board is very worn out so That will be all till some thing happens on the lap-top front.

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5 thoughts on “Library in Loas

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    R I P. laptop. All of us have been very grateful for all the news it has brought us of you intrepid travellers. Anything we can do to get a replacement?

  2. Jackie Wilson

    Do make sure and replace it, guys. I’ve loved checking out your little reports and travelling, vicariously, along with you. And of course there’s the added advantage, for your family, of being able to reassure themselves that all are well and prospering.You bring a touch of warmth (though humid) into this cold grey north English winter.

  3. Got the last rights said for the lap top today. The hard disk is fried. They offered to replace it with a bigger one, but it is the thought of all those photos that held me back. I have watched ‘Spooks’, there must be a way of getting the data back. Maybe it is like a grieving process, and I just have to learn to let go ;-( . We will buy something in Bangkok.

  4. Nguyen Hoang Long

    hello, nice to see you again after Luna new year.

  5. charlotte

    hey its Charlotte i think if there is any good book stores you could maybe buy a book called twilight. Its really good and there is 5 DVDs of it and the last one is the best. it is a 14 but its just good to watch and read. You should get it if your interested. I’m twilight mental! xxx 🙂

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