Mud bath in Nha Trang

We forgot the camera otherwise you would have some beauty shots of us all covered in mineral mud. You would also be able to see the way that my skin now glows with health and vitality.  It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing but since we did not have any thing else planned so off we went. The mud bit was a bit on the cool side, but you could float in it with no effort at all. After sloshing around in that for a bit we were escorted to some hot rocks to bake the mud. The next step was a sluice of in a car wash style jet wash thing and the lobster ourselves in the mineral water, It must have been over 40 degrees. We then went to relax in the pool – or for the older members of our party, have a wee nap.

All this left us quite tired out for our train journey up north, just hope that we get a quite carriage. If we had known how good the sleeper busses we would have got on that.

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6 thoughts on “Mud bath in Nha Trang

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    You sound very clean.- now. Hope train journey went well xxxx

  2. Stuart Pickup

    Wish we’d seen you covered in mud Mr Vyle and your glowing skin. We have been covered in white – its snow. We had a snow day off last Tuesday, and we all worked hard at home-sledging. We are off to Kielder in May and will be thinking of you. We are enjoying the Ipads – when we can get them.

    Have fun. Missing you.
    Year 5

    • Hi year 5,
      Please say thanks to Chloe and Abbie for their messages. My computer just fizzed, maybe I should not eat noodles (for breakfast) and do my blog, I just lost my reply to chloe. How was Issac’s first snow experience? I hope you brought him in before he turned blue. I got into a lot of trouble from Angela once. I let Jacob play in the snow, we only came in when he started to cry, I had no idea why he was crying until we took of his boots. His boots were full of water and lumps of ice. As I remember his feet were blue too. Live and learn.
      Hope everyone enjoyed the maths test and you get to prepare the SPECIAL TEST for Keilder. Oh what could it be?
      Thinking of you all – get onto those lazy yr6 pupils to drop me a line. I may have to buy a new laptop to continue, one of those new ipads would be good.
      Ps $35 dollors for a knock off samsung note, thought what a bargin, then found it was little better than a toy phone that Louise used to have when she was 4, despite the ‘world wide gaurantee’! A fool and his money ……. 🙂

    • charlotte

      hi Mr Vyle the mud bath sounds great! Missing you from Charlotte!!!.

  3. Molly law

    Hope you are having a nice time

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