Cu Chi tunnels.

Just spent a very interesting few hours down the Viet Cong tunnels near HCMC. Jacob rushed down, much to the consternation of his parents – there are over 17km of tunnels to explore. I would not  have been able to fit down the hole. Instead we shouted down the exit point and after a very long 3 minutes he arrived at the end. Apparnetly there were bats down there. We went down the tourist tunnel built for the bigger sized falang, Istill managed to scrape my back.

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4 thoughts on “Cu Chi tunnels.

  1. rich roberts

    Vietcong tunnels sound great….did you check for mines?.Have you found Colonel Kurtz yet?

    Second day off today cause of snow….could do with some orkney glasses to prevent snow blindness!Sure we could organise a lucrative import/export business with those glasses.
    Minus four here last week.Back to reality (reality?) tomorrow with a snowy run to work next to river as biking too much like hard work without balloon tyres.

    Down for a tour of Als brewery later. Looking at maps for Bob Graham and a hard core training regime of 6 hour runs!



    • Sounds as though you will be busy if you are looking at the Bob Graham. Colin has the garage key if you want the snow bike. I found that although you could cycle the snow you still could slip on ice. You may be better off running.

  2. Joanne Hogarth

    John you’re not exactly the typical Vietnamese size though!!! Anything like the trenches in Belgium?? Stu was telling me a story about you in the trenches today disappearing off with 4 kids! Jacob sounds like he takes after you !!

  3. Yeh they were, big bomb craters ‘n all. These ones went on for ever underground with hospitals and even a honeymoon room – don’t think you will find those in Belgium, keep me informed.

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