New Sunglasses

Who would have thought I would become the proud owner of a pair of Orkey Sunglasses. The sales guy took me through the benefits of the polarised lenses. He even had a little gizmo that would only show up if the lenses were polarized – a rather riske  picture of a bathing beauty. After establishing the superiorty of his sunglasses over Anglea et al. We started to look at styles. I quite fancied the lock jaw type, but alas was shouted down by my daughter that the red was not best, mat black it would have to be. We then started the serious buisness of talking the price. He started with an inflated price which I laughed at and counted with a third of his price. Angela intervened and so we talked. Eventually we settled on what everyone thought as a fair price if it included a glassses case. Hard are soft became an issue that neither would budge, finally settled by a slight reduction in price for a soft cover, “he’s bound to sit on ’em.”,was Angela’s parting shot.

20 minutes well spent, the cost of $8.50 – surely they must be the same as Oakley.


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15 thoughts on “New Sunglasses

  1. Stuart Pickup

    Happy New Year Mr. Vyle. We love your funky shades…money well spent. Hope you are all feeling well.
    Year 5 and Mr. Pickup

    • A goooooooood morning Year 5.
      Nearly in Vietnam so almost funny – like so much in life. I am sitting at the seaside waiting for a boat to take us out to the island of Koh Russei. See if you can find it on Google maps. There is not a lot there so I wonder how long we will stay. Do you think we will manage a week? Apparently you can have as many coconuts as you want, you just have to knock them off the trees, and watch your head when they fall. Jacob and Louise have to catch up on their maths and literacy so will be doing school work on the beach. For science we will be looking out for turtles, and seeing where they nest.
      Lots of people like football here, but it seems that every one likes Man U. Until the other day it was the only shirt I saw; and then I saw a Newcastle top. I called over to the guy with a friendly “Ha-way the lads” and he nearly jumped out of his skin. He had no idea what I was on about and thought I was a bit mad! Apparently he wanted a Man U. shirt but they only had Newcastle left in the sale, sigh. Mind you I’ve not seen a single ‘brough one. I guess there is no one that daft.
      I miss teaching a lot, I wonder if the class remember the time we were up at the coast and the big storm came in and we watched all from the upstairs room. Last night there was a storm like that here. They happen a lot here, but not so often at this time in the year. I hope there isn’t a storm like that when we are crossing the water to the island, we might end up like a the Swiss family Robinson. Jacob thinks that would be cool.
      All the best

  2. renski

    ok very cool and less blues brothers more ….um Miami vice!
    love ren

    • I was hoping for Bradly Wiggins. It would have been Lance, but he has fallen out of favour. I guess i could take Tubbs – didn’t he have the rolled up sleaves and boat ‘en all.

  3. Stu Pickup

    Thanks for the reply Mr.Vyle. Not many people wearing Newcastle tops here at the moment as they are not doing very well…Boro on the other hand are on the way up! The weather is changing for the worse over here and we are expecting three weeks of snow at the start of February! Very jealous of your beach learning and the coconuts! We are starting to get excited about our trip to Kielder – we have just had our itinary through, we can’t wait to soak Mrs. Hogarth ‘Mr. Vyle’ style when we go boating on the first day. We would love to write to you more when you get settled in Vietnam.

    Year 5 and Mr. Pickup

  4. chloe walker

    hey mr vyle having a great time here it is amazing (exspept wen school is on ) us year 5s are having a pretty gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood time we have just had a maths test( i got eight) it was pretty amzing for the first time eva. so what did you get for xmas i gota load of things ipad 4 a carmra nail poilsh lipstick make up clothes and lots and lots and lots more and i got a website check it out and if that doesnt work use this one the first one might not work because wen i went on it went this website need changing i need to change soon. the second one works (its the first one you can go on)

    hope you are enjoing your trip around the world chloe kellie louise grame (tee) walker

    • Hi Chloe and Abbie,
      This is the second time I am trying to write to you; the first time my computer fizzed when I dropped a noodle on it. I think it might die soon, I want a Ipad. I think they are very very cool. Loads of people have them here, I might have to look into the cost. Have you have had much of a go on the school ones?
      Louise gots loads of nail polish too, I think she would like to set up a nail bar. She has already painted my nails. She says they are good to practice on as they are bigger than heres.
      I tried your link but could not get them to work. I wounder if it is a problem my end. I will try again in Australia.
      All the best
      Mr. Vyle

      • hiya i have never new that abbie is sleeping at mine for the 12 months year because her mam and dad and others have went on hoilday and didnt have enough money to take her
        iknow it might feel shan but they are going around the so as u its been great x chleo

  5. its chloes cuzon abbie charal add me \;

  6. hi mor vyle wat you up to now x

  7. Molly law

    Hi mr vyle

    • Hi Molly, hope you are doing well in the snow. Are you looking forward to Keilder? Get Mr. Pickup to tell you about the White Lady.


        Hi Mr vyle, can wait to go to keilder, and when we were at beadnell you told us the story about the white lady
        Sent from my BlackBerry smartphone from Virgin Media

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