New Toys

Been going around Kathmandu with a huge grin all of today. I met up with our Canadian trekking friends for a spot of coffee and cake and started talking bikes. Shona pointed me in the direction of this bike shop saying she did not know if they hired bikes. Well they do and I am off on the morrow on some lovely 29er. Never had a go on one before so I am greatly looking forward to the adventure. Met a few guys in the shop who said they would take me out –  sort of sounded ominous but since one of ’em had hair that was greyer than mine I felt safe. Hope he is not some Clive dude in disguise.

Here is a link to the bike

Pics to follow.

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7 thoughts on “New Toys

  1. Chris Ellins

    Insanely jealous

  2. Jane Mcfadyen

    Oh John – I thought you meant a real bike!

    • I am working on Angela to get a couple of ‘real’ bikes (not sure how I feel about that) to potter around SE asia. We have just hired some mopeds in the hope of raising her confidence. A couple a bikes can be had for as little as a few hundred.

      • Jane McFadyen

        Be careful John, though it would be a great way to see the country. Christmas is almost here, so have a good one. Xx

  3. Jack Foggin

    hi mr vyle if you can read this i would be very happy hope you are having a nice time

    • Hi Jack,
      It is good to hear from you, how is the snow? Has it melted yet? It is warm but damp here, not what I want. The chinese new year is to be soon and everyone is get ready for it by decorating a tree. Not a christmas tree (der…) but here they decorate orange and cherry trees. I guess you can eat the oranges after. Every thing is transported by motor bike, it is pretty bizzare to see a tree moving down the road at 30mphh. I have even seen a pig on the back of a motor bike.
      All best – Mr. Vyle

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