PC Trouble

Could it be a rouge police officer or just that I have had to re-install my anti-virus software. No problem you think. Well maybe, but in order to get a down load speed above 4 kb/s I have been up since 5:30.

Good point though is that I finaly caught the milkman. Yep we are now to get deliveries of milk. He comes round with a milk churn attached to his bike and gives out litres of buffalo milk if you leave out a container all for 25p a shot. Yummy yoghurt here we come. I must boil it first – is it TB you get from milk, or is that badgers? Maybe I should do a catch up session of the Archers. Oh yes if you add lemon juice to the milk does that act as a rennet? I can feel another science lesson comming on. I’ll let you know if we make cheese.

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2 thoughts on “PC Trouble

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    think lemon may not be enough for mozzarella. Have looked it up but not got much help for you – Homer wrote of fig juice, A vegetable rennet is made from unfermented soya beans but no idea how to get it, Some suggest adding vinegar to lemon. Nettles. Caper leaves. Cream of tartar as a gelling agent. All these suggested Good luck. Look forward to reading about the cheese,and yogurt
    love M and D

    • Maybe it is cottage cheeese I am thinking of. The chances of me being able to find rennet are next to nill. I wonder how they make paneer. Ain’t google great. I will let you know.

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