Hand Washing

Somehow we got into a discussion of who was going to go to church, clearly we could not both go so who was it to be? Then it became apparent that the stay at home person could not be allowed to put their feet up and read interesting books; what jobs would be suitable or commensurable to a two hour service in Nepali? Washing the clothes out was suggested. I eagerly agreed to sacrifice my eternal soul for the need for clean socks. I have managed to clean two towels in the last ½ hour and have stacks left to do – I think I might have been better of confessing sins to washing things.

Question: If you have scrubbed and bashed a towel for thirty minutes and there still remains a stain (squashed ant), can you say the towel is clean? Surely the towel, stain and all have been cleansed and de-toxified, and any remaining parts that are not that elusive blue white will be equally clean as the rest of the towel just not quite the same colour. I wonder what the answer will be, I have the feeling that my solution; fold it in such a way that it is not immediately obvious will be acceptable. Back to the socks.

The following poll will be used as evidence

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One thought on “Hand Washing

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Get back to that scrubbing! Who brought you up?

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