School Work

Since we are to be in Lalgadh for some time I have set the children to do some school work. It is proving to be quite intense for us all. One of the successful bits has been Jacob’s writing project. Given free rein to choose what he wants to write about he has really become enthused by it all. I have never seen him write so much. Today he was composing a letter to a Russian academic who did a study on extreme environments for millipedes. I am happy to find a real reason to write.

Down side – our house stunk yesterday, Jacob wasn’t sure if it was a stink beetle or a dung beetle. It was a take it outside now beetle! We won’t be using that container for biscuits any more. He has also lost the skin on the tops of his fingers. We think it is the formic acid from the weaver ants that he has been harassing for the last few days.

Jacob had to stop playing with the ants after his finger started to melt.

Great photo by Jacob, but he paid a price – see pic of finger.

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2 thoughts on “School Work

  1. Chris and Jill Vyle

    Love the enthusiasm Jacob has for the weaver ants.  David Bellamy in the making!  Have just found the pics – hadn’t seen them before.  Gruesome one of the finger but great of the nest. love Granma and Grandpa xxx


    • Haveing an interesting talk on morals.If he is finding things out about how spiders spin their web around their pray should he be allowed to put ants into their nest? I did not think think I would get into an anti-vivisection talk a project on ants.

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