In Leh

Hi Everyone,

Here we are in Leh after a tricky detour to Siringar. We have adapted to the altitude probably better than the internet; The speeds are slower than the elevation. There will be no pics or vids. until power cuts and internet improves.

Shanti stupa was / is fantastic. We are off on our trek tomorrow, so will be of line for a bit.

Now to approve those comments……..

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12 thoughts on “In Leh

  1. Jill and Chris Vyle

    Glad to hear you are in Leh. Have a great trek.

  2. Little sis and family

    Great to hear from you looking forward to seeing photos and videos when you can take care enjoy your trek lots of love Anna Jay Hayden and Darcie xxx

  3. Power cuts in India could damage their economy, says BBC news – potential economic partners considering them unreliable. Hope they reduce for you. Anne x

  4. Gill Hale

    Glad you are all OK. Guess what it is raining in Clara (again). I haven’t seen your tenant yet but saw that the cleaning had been done as you asked. been away visiting my Dad but will send you some news when I get it. By the way I saw Helen (?) & Max from West view and she has put your laptops etc in their loft and is taking care of all the Cola cat details etc. Gill

  5. Hope you have plenty of socks for the trek – let us know what Louise and Jacob up to. Milly and Harry

    • Louise says best of luck for Year 5 – Milly.
      Still To figure out how to up load photos + vids. May buy a palm top to speed things up. Trek was very dry – why was I surprised it was in a desert. 4000m was very hard work.

      • Little sis and family

        Great to hear from you. Now John you should know that there is a slight scary difference between Your usual haunts climbing and the mountain range I can’t spell you are currently in haha! Enjoy the festival. Hayden says hello Jacob and Louise. Speak soon lots of love Anna Jay Hayden and Darcie xxxx

  6. Richard and Ania

    Hi guys, looking forward to the blog, you’d better get the upload issue sorted as I’m looking forward to some vicarious travel – we’re back from our mini kinda wild swimming tour de France 😦 so I’m with you in spirit!
    Love Richard

    • I’ve lookede back and you are the only person who has a pic. How did you do that? I am waiting to go and get Treking permits, hence the time on my hands. Hope all is well with you and your family. I have not managed much Yoga as yet. Some how Angela keeps grabbing any slots available. Keep well.

  7. Joanne Hogarth

    Hi to you all, pleased you all have arrived safely in Leh, looking forward to hearing more of your travels,
    take care, Joanne

  8. Jane mcFadyen

    Missing you already John. Sounds like you’re all having a great time. we’re dying to hear about your adventures.
    Love Jane

  9. Renee De La haye

    hey glad to hear you all arrived safely and that you have had a great trip
    really pleased that i made it to the airport would up load photos if I can work it out have a fantastic time love renee

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