100 day countdown

With less than 100 days to go I’m getting a little twitchy as there is still so much left to sort.


Looking good

The Will has arrived in the post and needs signing. Vacinations have began for all of us and the kids have been great at having injections. Finally I have sorted out my career break from work and although they are still insisting on police clearance from every country visited they have agreed that this process is extremely time consuming and I can return to work while awaiting clearance 🙂

With regard to storage options we are considering buying a container that we can sell on (optional) upon our return. I somehow think that John will find some use for it though, perhaps as a ‘pig’ house!

We are close to sorting the volunteering placement in Nepal and are looking at options for Thailand or Cambodia.

Must do’s this month – de clutter the house, prepare for painting (the house), ask kind sister-in-law to have kids while we paint house over half term / fill in house rental agreement / apply for Indian visa’s / visit dump and give generously to charity.

We still have a few things to sort before we can put the house on the rental market. Must have a look at the ‘must do’ list.

Just booked to have the carpets cleaned. I can’t help but think that I should be enjoying having clean carpets rather than cleaning them for someone else to enjoy the benefit. Still at least it will get rid of the fleas brought in by the stray cat that we have adopted. O yes, on that note must advertise for foster care for the cat.

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